ENERGY DIESEL SYSTEMS S.r.l. operates since 1983. 

It's certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001 and AQAP 110 (Military standard) 

It operates all over the national and international regions providing energy electrical and diesel machineries , in the following sectors:


In the telephone and video-telephone sector provides gensets to the radio base stations  (fixed or removible) for GSM and UMTS providers. Specialised and skilled teams,  using appropriate tools, instruments and vehicles operate for the customer's needs all over the national territory. Gensets and energy stations   Gruppi elettrogeni e stazioni di energia (Shelter for  R.T. instruments and tools) are provided for several national and international Public Administrations and Institutions.


In this sector our teams provide several energy systems solutions for specialized military sectors such as   aeronautic and naval national army. Our technical office is able to manage all the required test activities performed in our premise and on the field, for the qualification at the military environments.

electrical energy distribution

In this area  ENERGY DIESEL SYSTEMS S.r.l. is involved for the accomplishment and the framework of electric control panels (also remote control panels) and industrial and civil alectrical facility.

large corporations

ENERGY DIESEL SYSTEMS S.r.l. is a consolidated supplier of large edil and construction enterprises and corporations that identify in its production the genset with the best price/quality ratio, a bid assurance joined by an assistance post service in national and international countries where they are involved in the costruction of cities, airports, roads, etc ...

installators and electrical systems

This class of customers find in ENERGY DIESEL SYSTEMS S.r.l. the most efficient technical and commercial partner. The leading customers are often Public administration and Institutions such as Hospitals, Airports, and Highways.

private users

ENERGY DIESEL SYSTEMS S.r.l. dedicates all the attentions that the user deserves: inspections, budgets, tranports, commisioning and planned maintenances. We put all our skill and experience at the customer service for its satisfation.