provides every kind of genset rent. Very interesting is its solutions for the assistance and management of the telecommunication radio station bases. A typical configuration, that can be modified and adjusted at the customer needs, is the following:

  diesel engine unit 1500 rpm, power 15/20 KVA
  3phase+neutrum 380V / 50 Hz
  panel for the manual starter with key or button with automatic control of errors.
  thermomagnetic circuit breaker
  canopie (noise 69 +/- 3dB(A) 7 m.
  adeguate fuel/diesel tank

gathering tank to avoid fuel/diesel spillage and environment damages
  copper tubes beetween the genset unit and the tank to avoid spillage and environment damages
  adeguate protection for the electrical connections
  electrical connections
  ground electrical connections of the units


Some samples of teleccommunication sites
an "ideal" site   
a real difficult site