ENERGY DIESEL SYSTEMS S.r.l. operates since 1983 with the nome "Energia Diesel" and since 1993 with the new name

Its organisation reflects its productive process

IT system

Energy Diesel Systems S.r.l. uses an ICT system that provides the full  control and management of the processes and uses tools such as workgroup applications, intranet ed internet.

Quality assurance policy

Our mission is:

  • assurance  the total compliance of its products/services with the contract, technical details and projects; provide the right problem solving techniques in agreement with the customer for its satisfation, 

  • assurance for the constant adapting of the resources (human and technical tools) by means:

  • investment in training programs,

  • investment for new tools and machinaries,

  • respect of the current rules and laws.

Quality Assurance is decided by the direction in concert with the other competent offices.

The process synthesis


You can contact our company as shown below:

telefono  ++39 0774 426133
fax  ++39 0774 426249
sito www